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About Us

Joanies was established to bring stunning personalised silk nightwear into the mainstream. We believe that all women deserve to experience the benefits that the most luxurious materials can bring. That is why we have designed a beautiful capsule collection of silk and cashmere nightwear that bridges the gap between high street and high end pyjamas. 

Sleeping in silk has been proven to reduce skin irritation, diminish signs of ageing and calm the nerves to give its wearers a longer and deeper nights sleep. We have combined these health benefits with a serene colour palette which should help Joanies wearers sleep soundly and look beautiful in the process. 

Joanies is a small family run business  established by three sisters who believe that experiencing luxury should be something all women can enjoy. We aim to elevate the everyday by combining stunning designs with an ethical outlook. We have ethically sourced our products and packaging to ensure the sustainability of our brand. 

Now more than ever, it is so important that we take care of our bodies and minds, and we hope that Joanies can support our customers in obtaining a good nights sleep. 


Charlotte, Rebecca and Eleanor 


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