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Anniversary Gifting with Joanies

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

No matter what anniversary you and your partner are celebrating, you and your partner deserve to spend the day celebrating your love for one another. Did you know that in the UK, it is traditional to give silk gifts to your beloved on your fourth and twelfth wedding anniversary? Whether shopping for that special someone, or dropping a hint, here at Joanies we can supply the perfect gift for that special day. Browse through our options below and you will undoubtedly find something to suit you.

1. Timeless Love: Joanies Mulberry Silk Long Sleeve Pyjamas

For those looking for a traditional gift for their loved one, our timeless pure silk long sleeve pyjamas are the perfect choice. Made from the highest quality 19 momme mulberry silk, our long sleeve option comes in three delicate hues. They are designed to be loved for years to come as the enduring silhouette transcends the changing fashions. This is the ultimate choice for the lover wishing to give a gift that will be worn for many more anniversaries.

2. Young Love: Joanies Mulberry Silk Short Sleeve Pyjamas

The perfect option for your fourth anniversary; Joanies short sleeve option cuts a more modern silhouette without compromising in elegance. From the cap sleeve shirt to the thigh skimming shorts, our newest design strikes the perfect balance between sexy and classiness. What’s more, with most anniversaries celebrated in the summer months, it is the perfect choice for keeping cool in the warm nights.

3. Sleep Lovers: Joanies Mulberry Silk Pillowcases

For those who love getting their full eight hours, Joanies mulberry silk pillowcases are a must have. Our pillowcases can help to moisturise hair and skin during sleep, keep you cool during the night and can even prevent wrinkles. What’s more, the stunning colour options will add a further touch of luxury to your home décor.

4. Comfortable Love: Joanies Cashmere Socks

In the UK it is traditional to give wool as a gift on your seventh wedding anniversary. You will be hard pressed to find a more beautiful and useful gift than a stunning set of cashmere socks. Made from the highest quality Mongolian cashmere, Joanies socks can be worn to keep your toes warm in bed or under boots whilst out on the go. The perfect option for those who celebrate their love in the cooler winter months.

5. Little and Often Love: Joanies Mulberry Silk Scrunchies and Eye masks

For the couples who use their anniversaries to give smaller and more meaningful gifts, our eye masks and scrunchies make the perfect gift. For less than £20 you can gift a little bit of luxury to help make your beloved’s bedtime more beautiful. Not only will these gifts get daily use the excellent quality means that they will retain their beauty for years to come. They will also come packaged in a stunning gift box, what’s not to love?

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