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Benefits of silk in your bedtime routine

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Besides its elegance, glamour and sophistication, there are a vast range of benefits that silk can offer which actually extend far beyond its looks.

Cares for your skin

Ever woken up with impressions across your face from a wrinkled pillowcase? Not only does it look strange, but these impressions can actually speed up the formation of wrinkles. If you’re a side-sleeper, the constant contact and rubbing against the abrasive surface of your pillow leads to the breakdown of collagen. Silk bedding will prevent the formation of these creases and protect your skin.

Hydration is essential for maintaining healthy and supple skin. The tightly woven stitch of silk helps to lock in moisture close to the skin, preventing your skin from drying out during the night. It allows your night creams and beauty products to seep into your skin perfectly throughout the night, rather than being absorbed into your bedding (a bonus for your skin and beauty budget!).

Cares for your hair

Not only does silk care for your skin, it is your secret to ‘silky-smooth’ hair (even after a long night’s sleep). Due to silk’s natural properties, you can forget waking up with tangled and frizzy bed-head and instead opt for shiny, healthy and smooth hair, with just one simple swap to silk bedding. So what are you waiting for, be kind to your hair and give it the bounce it needs to take on the day.

Regulates body temperature

Whether you live in a warm or cold climate, silk bedding can benefit your sleep by helping to regulate your body temperature all year round. Silk is a brilliant thermal regulator due to its tightly woven structure. When it’s cold, silk threads help to trap heat, which creates an isolation effect. Silk adapts to your body’s natural balance as you sleep, which makes for a more comfortable and steady duration of sleep.

Hygiene and hypoallergenic

Since silk is naturally antimicrobial, and resistant to dirt, mould and mildew, there is no denying it is the cleanest and safest material for you to sleep on. The cocoon in which silk fibre is spun produces a sticky protein - known as sericin - that repels pests and mites, meaning your silk bedding is left clean and fresh.

As well as this, those suffering with allergies or sensitive skin can find respite in silk bedding. It is known that dust mites are one of the leading causes of allergy symptoms and skin conditions, such as skin rashes and eczema. Due to its natural ability to repel bacteria, sleeping on silk is perfect for soothing skin conditions and preventing skin irritations while you sleep.

So, the next time you reach for nightwear or bedding to snuggle into, choose silk and enjoy a perfect night’s sleep.

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