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Joanies tips for sleeping during the heatwave:

With the UK’s current high temperatures set to continue throughout the summer, the challenge of getting a good night's sleep is one to solve quickly! Check out some of our favourite tried and tested tips on keeping cool on these hot summer nights.

Silk Bedding and Nightwear

Silk is well known for its ability to help our bodies regulate temperatures, this is why our silk pyjama sets and pillowcases may be the key to enabling you a good night's sleep! Our pyjamas are made from pure mulberry silk ensuring you get the best of silks natural temperature regulating abilities and the soft and light material makes sleeping even more comfortable for you.

Check out our ranges here in the first step towards a better night's sleep!


Our bodies are much better at regulating their temperatures when fully hydrated, keeping hydrated throughout the day will prove beneficial once the night draws in. Coupled with spending the day in the heat, keeping hydrated in the summer months can be more challenging. We love to add lemon and cucumber to our cold water to help us drink more throughout the day.

Cold Showers

A popular approach at Joanies is to have a cold fresh shower to cool down from head to toe, before slipping into our silk pyjamas to maximise the silks temperature regulating abilities. Alternatively if cold showers aren’t your thing, try soaking your hands and feet in a bowl of water with ice before going to bed, this is great to really feel cool right before going to sleep helping you drift off smoothly!

We hope these tips will make your summer evenings much more comfortable and give you the good night sleep you deserve.

Because bedtime should be beautiful...


Joanies Xxx

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